Vigilant Trader

Welcome to Vigilant Trader, this is a compilation of my thoughts on Personal Finance, Investments and Real Estate.  I started this website in 2015 when I first began investing to use as a financial journal, keep myself accountable and help others along the way.  I started with a lot of content on being frugal and the importance of investing to validate what I was working towards at the time and still am: Financial Freedom.  Keeping track of goals and progress can be greatly beneficial and motivating for a boring and sometimes painful practice such as saving money.  My net worth varies from day to day based on market conditions but it’s currently over $750 000 CAD.  My portfolio includes both stocks and real estate.  My goal is to become an accredited investor by achieving $1 000 000 in liquid assets.  The plan to get there is by relying heavily on the success of the Canadian cannabis sector.



Disclaimer:  All thoughts on this website are just opinion.  I am not a professional, please consult a financial advisor or investment advisor before making any financial decisions.