Vigilant Trader

Welcome to Vigilant Trader, I’m a hobby farmer on the east coast of Canada with a passion for investing.  Particularly an interest in the Canadian cannabis sector.  I’ve been investing for three years in this sector with modest success.  The plan is to continue on this path until I believe Canopy Growth Corp and the cannabis industry has peaked.  Legalization is coming October 17th 2018 in this country so we are likely a few years off from seeing how far these businesses can go.  I’ve created a small compilation of my thoughts on Personal Finance, Investments and Real Estate on here.  I also track my personal financial situation for accountability and motivation to strive to achieve my goal which is to become an accredited investor in Canada.  This means $1 000 000 + liquid assets to open the doors to potentially more rewarding investment opportunities.  This isn’t my only goal.  I have portfolio goals set out for the next 35 years:

Portfolio Goals

3 Years – $604 000
5 years – $692 000
10 years – $970 797
20 years – $1 909 704
35 years -$5 268 935

Disclaimer:  All thoughts on this website are just opinion.  I am not a professional, please consult a financial advisor or investment advisor before making any financial decisions.