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Vigilant Trader

Welcome to Vigilant Trader out of Canada.  I have no formal training in finance or investing, everything I’ve learned has been self taught or learned from mentors.  I’m very grateful to have mentors so I hope this blog may help guide beginners to personal finance and investing.  Before taking any actions with your own accounts it’s always wise to consult a professional.  Finding the right financial planner can take some time and patience but if you find a good one willing to work the way you want to, it’s worth it.

My Goals

Below I share my own personal finance and investing goals.  Studies show that goals are more likely to be achieved if you write them down or in this case, type them out:

1. Pay off debt.

2. Achieve a portfolio worth $1 500 000.

3. $1000000 in liquid assets.

Current Savings Plan

I am currently delegating 10.17% to investments and 5.33% to debt repayment.



Disclaimer:  All thoughts on this website are just opinion.  I am not a professional, please consult a financial advisor or investment advisor before making any financial decisions.